What Is The Big Idea?
STAT 29000, Spring 2016

Seminar: Tuesdays, 3:30 PM -- 4:20 PM, in UNIV 201
(STAT 29000-001; Banner CRN 17987)

Professor: Mark Daniel Ward
Email: mdw@purdue.edu
Office: MATH 540
Phone: 765-496-9563

Office hours: Dr. Ward is always happy to meet with students.
Dr. Ward is available for walk-in or scheduled appointments anytime, throughout the week.
He is also always guaranteed to be available MWF, 7:30 AM -- 8:20 AM, in MATH 540.

Course description: click here

Course policy: click here

Please plan to be present for every seminar.

Seminar Speaker Schedule
Week 1: Tues, Jan 12
Dr. Boyu Zhang
Data Scientist
Research Computing (RCAC)
Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP)
Week 2: Tues, Jan 19
Ms. Carmen Rhodes
Workers' Compensation Claims Manager
at KAR Auction Services, Inc
(will also stay for dinner afterwards at 5:00 PM)
Week 3: Tues, Jan 26
Dr. Edinah Gnang
Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Purdue's Department of Mathematics
NOTE: Special time/location: 6 PM in MATH 175
Week 4: Tues, Feb 2
Dr. Mark Daniel Ward
Week 5: Tues, Feb 9
Dr. Mark Daniel Ward
Week 6: Tues, Feb 16
No Tuesday Seminar this week.
Students are encouraged to attend
a Big Data session on Wednesday, February 17, at 6 PM,
in Fowler Hall which is in Stewart Center on the 1st floor.
It is free to attend, but you are suppose to register in advance
by using Facebook. (Click here for the Facebook link.)
Week 7: Tues, Feb 23
Ms. Rose Millier
Senior Actuarial Consultant
(will also stay for dinner afterwards at 4:30 PM)
Week 8: Tues, Mar 1
Week 9: Tues, Mar 8
Mr. George Takahashi
Technical Lead, Envision Center
Research Computing, ITaP
NOTE: Special location: Envision Center
underground between the Purdue Memorial Union
and Stewart Center. Please go to the Starbucks
in the Union and take the nearby tunnel underground
towards the Stewart Center, next to the stairs by Starbucks.
Week 10: Tues, Mar 15
Spring Break (no seminar)
Week 11: Tues, Mar 22
Ms. Kristen Mori
undergraduate sophomore
in the Statistics Living Learning Community
Week 12: Tues, Mar 29
"Math is Key" Public Lecture
Dr. Jim Gates
Distinguished University Professor,
Regents Professor, and
John S. Toll Professor of Physics, and also
Director of Center for String and Particle Theory
at the University of Maryland
NOTE: Special time/location: 4:30 PM in Fowler Hall in Stewart Center
Week 13: Tues, Apr 5
no seminar today (just recover from the ASA Datafest)
Week 14: Tues, Apr 12 Mr. Bob Zigon
Sr Staff Research Engineer,
Beckman Coulter
(will also stay for dinner afterwards at 4:30 PM)
Week 15: Tues, Apr 19
Dr. David Ross (Sr Director, Bioinformatics)
and Ms. Sarah Wang (Sr Staff Scientist, Bioinformatics),
Week 16: Tues, Apr 26 Evaluations by Dr. Loran Carleton Parker

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