What Is The Big Idea?
STAT 29000, Spring 2017

Seminar: Tuesdays, 3:30 PM -- 4:20 PM, in UNIV 003
(STAT 29000-001; Banner CRN 17987)

Professor: Mark Daniel Ward
Email: mdw@purdue.edu
Office: MATH 540
Phone: 765-496-9563

Office hours: Dr. Ward is always happy to meet with students.
Dr. Ward is available for walk-in or scheduled appointments anytime, throughout the week.
He is also always guaranteed to be available MWF, 7:30 AM -- 8:20 AM, in MATH 540.

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Please plan to be present for every seminar.

organizational meeting
Seminar Speaker Schedule
Week 1: Tues, Jan 10
Week 2: Tues, Jan 17
Mr. Preston Smith
Director, Research Services and Support, in Research Computing
(Information Technology at Purdue)
Week 3: Tues, Jan 24
Hidden Figures
Week 4: Tues, Jan 31
LaTeX session 1
Week 5: Tues, Feb 7
LaTeX session 2
Week 6: Tues, Feb 14
(no seminar today)
Dr. Ward is giving the probability seminar this week.
Week 7: Tues, Feb 21
Dr. Deidra Coleman
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Philander Smith College
Week 8: Tues, Feb 28
STAT-LLC students for 2017-18
come and talk with current students
about research for next year
Week 9: Tues, Mar 7
Dr. Fulya Gokalp Yavuz
Yildiz Technical University and
Purdue University
Department of Statistics
Week 10: Tues, Mar 14
Spring Break (no seminar)
Week 11: Tues, Mar 21
Dr. Mary Morrissey Kwasny
Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine (Biostatistics)
Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine
Week 12: Tues, Mar 28
Dr. Dave Kung
Professor of Mathematics
St. Mary's College of Maryland
(also we need to do a little bit
of DataFest planning meeting)
Week 13: Tues, Apr 4
Denise Bradford
Statistician, Data Management and Analysis Team
Division of Adolescent and School Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Week 14: Tues, Apr 11 Dr. William Yslas Vélez
Professor of Mathematics
University of Arizona
Week 15: Tues, Apr 18
Dr. Barry D. Nussbaum
President of the American Statistical Association
video link
Week 16: Tues, Apr 25 Evaluations by Dr. Loran Carleton Parker
Note: Please go to REC 103 and REC 108 instead of UNIV 003

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