Introduction To Big Data Analysis
STAT 29000, Fall 2017

Class times: MWF, 8:30 AM -- 9:20 AM, in BRNG B280
(STAT 29000-001; Banner CRN 15200)

Professor: Mark Daniel Ward
Office: MATH 200
Phone: 765-496-9563

Office hours: Dr. Ward is always happy to meet with students.
Dr. Ward is available for walk-in or scheduled appointments anytime, throughout the week.
He is also always guaranteed to be available MWF, 7:30 AM -- 8:20 AM, in MATH 200.

Teaching Assistant: Maggie Christy

We will attempt to cover some or all of the following technologies this semester: Some interesting websites for data are given here. Additional sources of data or data representations are very welcome: Course description: click here

Course policy: click here

Plan to be present for class every day.

The group assignment for the projects is given here.

Projects: Project solutions will be collected via the computing server, on the due date. Project solutions will be distributed.

Outline of Topics
Week 1: Mon, Aug 21
discussion about the course
Wed, Aug 23
evaluation with
Dr. Loran Carleton Parker
Fri, Aug 25
exploring of UNIX
and airline data
topics: week 1 summary
Week 2: Mon, Aug 28
Introduction to airline data
and starting project 1
Wed, Aug 30
working on project 1
Fri, Sep 1
working on project 1
time to work on project 1
Week 3: Mon, Sep 4
(no class)
Wed, Sep 6
Introduction to awk
Fri, Sep 8
Arrays in awk
topics: week 3 summary
Week 4: Mon, Sep 11
time to work on project 2
Wed, Sep 13
time to work on project 2
Fri, Sep 15
time to work on project 2
time to work on project 2
Week 5: Mon, Sep 18
Finishing project 2,
and introduction to R and RMarkdown
Wed, Sep 20
Mapping points by latitude and longitude in R
Fri, Sep 22
Basics of help, indexing, and logical rules in R
topics: Introduction to R
Week 6: Mon, Sep 25
Introduction to the tapply function
Wed, Sep 27
time to work on project 3
Fri, Sep 29
Week 7: Mon, Oct 2
Wed, Oct 4
Fri, Oct 6
Week 8: Mon, Oct 9
October Break (no class)
Wed, Oct 11
Fri, Oct 13
Week 9: Mon, Oct 16
Wed, Oct 18
Fri, Oct 20
Week 10: Mon, Oct 23
Wed, Oct 25
Fri, Oct 27
visit and discussion with:
Mr. Daniel E. Rubin
Senior Actuary, Nationwide Financial
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
2008 Actuarial Science Outstanding Alumnus
Week 11: Mon, Oct 30
Wed, Nov 1
Fri, Nov 3
Week 12: Mon, Nov 6
Wed, Nov 8
Fri, Nov 10
Week 13: Mon, Nov 13
Wed, Nov 15
Fri, Nov 17
Week 14: Mon, Nov 20
Wed, Nov 22
Thanksgiving Vacation (no class)
Fri, Nov 24
Thanksgiving Vacation (no class)
topics: Thanksgiving vacation
Week 15: Mon, Nov 27
Wed, Nov 29
Fri, Dec 1
Final project presentations
Cailey Farrell
Molly Thielking
Tyler Netherly
Madison Trout
Liz Bell
Hope Cullers
Dylan Martin
Week 16: Mon, Dec 4
Final project presentations
Cynthia Chang
Hannah Bredikhin
Chris Bryan
Simon Langowski
Meera Haridasa
Lauren Washington
Namaluba Malawo
Wed, Dec 6
evaluations with Dr. Loran Carleton Parker
Fri, Dec 8
Final project presentations
Tom Leinart
Anna Poznyak
Sara Lynch
Rafael Lovas
Tim Park
Luke Francisco

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers 0939370, 1140489, 1246818. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.