Connecting to

One option is to connect using a browser. Any browser will work, but Firefox seems to be the most reliable.

In a browser window, open a connection to:

Then log in using your Purdue career username and password.

A different option on your desktop or laptop is to install the ThinLinc client and use it to connect. This option has the advantage that copy-and-paste will easily work from the server environment to-and-from your computer

The ThinLinc clients are available for download here:

The server is:

and you use your Purdue career username (e.g., I use: mdw) and your career password.

If you have more than one monitor, or if you want to control the size of the connection to the server, you might choose Options -> Screen and fix the size of the session (in pixels) and you might choose to turn off the options to resize the remote session and you might turn off full screen mode. These options are up to you to decide.