Introduction To Big Data Analysis
STAT 29000, Fall 2018

Class times: MWF, 8:30 AM -- 9:20 AM, in SC 183
(STAT 29000-001; Banner CRN 15200)

Semester: Fall 2018

Prerequisite: none

Credits: 3.0

Primary Audience: sophomores in the Purdue Statistics Living-Learning Community

Description: An introduction to statistical data analysis. Computational tools for representing, extracting, manipulating, interpreting, transforming, and visualizing data, especially big data sets. Practical experience in effectively communicating insights about data. Topics include: the R environment, visualizing data, UNIX, bash, regular expressions, SQL, XML and scraping data from the internet, as well as selected advanced topics, as time permits, e.g., linear models, time series, parallel computation with distributed data, etc. No prior computational or statistical experience is necessary.