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News and Communications about the STAT-LLC
  1. Announcement in Purdue News on September 5, 2013
  2. The Sophomore Slump in the New York Times on November 1, 2013
  3. Statistical Success, Article in the Purdue Insights, Fall 2014
  4. Statistical Success: A New Model for Learning Statistics Article in the Odds & Ends, Department of Statistics newsletter, Summer 2015
  5. Purdue student video with STAT-LLC student Patrick Gallagher is featured in YouTube, and on The ASA's This Is Statistics site and in the Purdue news.
  6. Mark Daniel Ward is chosen as the Most Outstanding Faculty in the Favorite Faculty program for 2015-16. An article is available as well. Here is a picture of Ward receiving his award from Jing Su.
  7. Day in the Life: Mark Daniel Ward article by Tim Brouk in the Fall 2016 Purdue Science Insights
  8. Hammer Down: Lake Yoke article by Tim Brouk in the Fall 2016 Purdue Science Insights
  9. Peter Boyd received an Alaska Geographic 2015 Research Fellowship from the National Park Service. Quote from the NPS Site:
    Examining the effect of nighttime traffic on wildlife visibility
    Alaska Geographic 2015 Research Fellowship
    Peter Boyd, Purdue University
    In 2012, Denali National Park completed a Vehicle Management Plan (VMP). The plan was produced to control the amount of traffic on the Denali Park Road during nighttime hours (10pm-6am). Denali established the plan in order to avoid negatively impacting wildlife in the park and deterring animals away from the road. Peter came to Denali to study the connection between nighttime traffic and wildlife visibility. The Vehicle Management Plan states that there should be an average of fewer than three vehicles per hour recorded at each of the six traffic counters along the road. Also, there should be no more than six vehicles in any given nighttime hour. Peter will use data analysis to see if the conditions of the plan are effective and if animals respond adversely to nighttime traffic.
    Based on the results of the study, Peter's findings may be incorporated into the decision making that determines how the VMP is implemented. Peter's effort continues the commitment of Denali NP&P and the VMP to protect wildlife and maintain high visitor satisfaction.
  10. Article by Adrienne Miller about Mark Daniel Ward's use of the Scholar computational cluster for a data science course, available from ITaP or from Research Computing
  11. Kristen Mori was a member of the ESPN Bracket Genius $100,000 trivia game
  12. Peter Boyd is the recipient of the 2017 G.A. Ross Award. This award goes to a graduating senior man with high standards of academic achievement, outstanding leadership, strength of character and contribution to Purdue. His name will be inscribed on the award marker at Purdue Mall. Statistics news article and video and College of Science article and another Purdue news article
  13. Purdue Statistics is ranked number 6 in the USA in a new survey from
  14. Sam Eschker is elected in April 2017 as the Student Body President for Purdue University, for the 2017-18 academic year.
  15. Mikaela Meyer has been selected for a Truman Scholarship. Here is the writeup from the Truman website: "Mikaela is studying mathematical statistics with a minor in political science at Purdue University. She plans to obtain a PhD in Statistics to prepare for a career in the federal government where statistics and policy intersect. Working toward this goal, she is an undergraduate fellow with the Purdue Policy Research Institute (PPRI) and pursued interdisciplinary projects ranging from analyzing domestic drone policies to proposing a policy indicator for net-zero energy cities. She has engaged in multiple other research projects, including a study that uses Bayesian methodologies to determine what factor is causing Lake Chad's volume to fluctuate greatly. Mikaela is the President of Purdue College Democrats, for which she has led scores of phone banks and canvassing excursions for students and organized debates for local political races. Additionally, she is a member of Purdue's debate team and an Honors College Mentor." See also the Purdue College of Science article
  16. Alan Min has been selected for a Goldwater scholarship. On the Goldwater website he states that "I plan to apply math and computer science techniques to modeling how behavior of enzymes in epigenetic modifications can be manipulated to fight disease."
  17. At the 34th annual Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Jack Good and Michael Smith won 1st prize for their joint talk "Periodicity of Subtraction Games", and Amber Young won second prize for her talk "Reanalysis of Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Data to Elucidate Genetic information of Immunotherapy Response".
  18. Maggie Christy is the President of the Purdue student chapter of the American Statistical Association for 2017-18, and James Marshall Reber is the Treasurer. Both students are from the 2016-17 cohort of the STAT-LLC.
  19. Ashley Peterson, Peter Boyd, Felix Francisco-Sanchez, and Christina DeSantiago (all from the 2014-15 cohort) were selected as outstanding members of the College of Science class of 2017: article. The College of Science made videos about each of them as well:

  20. Hillenbrand Hall was chosen as the University Residence of the Year for 2016-17. Matthew Frank, the RA for the STAT-LLC and the whole 4E floor, was chosen as the Resident Assistant (RA) of the year. Some information about Hillenbrand can be downloaded here.
  21. The expanded cluster is utilized in a meteorology class
  22. "Viz Vignette" newsletter from the Research Group of Dr. Vetria Byrd** for Summer 2017, including discussion about research with Graciany Lebron*
  23. Undergraduate Profile: Elle Tigner from the Center for Science of Information
  24. Brittany Griggs was awarded the Noodles and Company Foundation Scholarship in 2018. It was created to give back to the community and help Noodles Team members reduce the financial burden of attending college. It is based off of academic achievement and leadership, and ten scholarships are disbursed annually since 2006.
  25. Alan Min was selected in spring 2018 as an NSF GRFP recipient for his graduate school studies, to begin in fall 2018.

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