STAT/MA 41600, Fall 2018

Class times: MWF, 9:30 AM -- 10:20 AM, in UNIV 003
(STAT 41600-001; Banner CRN 40115)
(MA 41600-131; Banner CRN 45604)

Semester: Fall 2018

Corequisite: MA 174, MA 261, or equivalent
For questions about the adequacy of one's background, students are welcome to contact Dr. Ward directly ( or extension 69563).

Credits: 3.0

Primary Audience: Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics.

Description: An introduction to mathematical probability suitable as preparation for actuarial science, statistical theory, and mathematical modeling. General probability rules, conditional probability, and Bayes theorem, discrete and continuous random variables, moments and moment generating functions, joint and conditional distributions, standard discrete and continuous distributions and their properties, law of large numbers and central limit theorem. Credit cannot be given for more than one of STAT 22500, 31100, or 41600. Prerequisite: multivariate calculus.